The Future of Casual Office Wear

Although people are slowly heading back to office life, 55% said that they are continuing to wear their sportswear and athleisure for more than just their workouts. This ongoing casualization is creeping its way into traditional offices.

More casual office wear is expected in the future as the athleisure market is set to grow by 25% to $551 billion by 2025. People who have been working from home over the pandemic have had the ability to get more wear out of their athleisure outfits and now with the future of hybrid work conditions, people will still want to work out on the days they are not in the office and dress more comfortably and casually.

Two in five people globally have continued to work from home in 2022, and the demand for comfortable athleisure has remained high. As more people both worked out at home and worked from home the sportswear sales have soared. According to GlobalData’s latest report, "Global Sportswear Market 2020-2025’,  they revealed that a quarter of clothing sold in 2020 was sportswear pieces.

Louise Deglise-Favre, the Apparel Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “As hybrid working continues and brands embrace the casualization trend, consumers will continue to want more multifunctional, comfortable athleisure pieces that are appropriate for both wearing at home and in social settings. Sportswear will still remain popular for home, work and workouts, which will increase its share of the apparel market to an impressive 23.6% by 2025.

Consumers are continuing to prioritize their health and fitness, particularly following the COVID-19 pandemic. Nina Nowak, a Senior Researcher at the Consumer team at GlobalData, added that the “growing health awareness... has also shaped a new outlook on diet and hygiene, boosting interest in both vegan foods, as well as germ-killing products." Nowak added: "These trends are set to stay since 48% of shoppers opt for plant-based claims when choosing products, while a whopping 84% actively seek products with ‘hygienic’ claims.”

In the very near- future we may see trends of trainers at the office and the sweatshirt-under-a-blazer look.