Mixing Comfort with Style for Colder Seasons

For Autumn/Winter 2022, Levi’s is offering a collection full of fun and colour inspired by the casual and expressive fashion of the 1970s through a ‘90s lens of perspective. It merges comfort with style by pairing relaxed, looser fits with a casual, sophisticated look. It’s a little looser, a little slouchier, and with a splash more attitude, but always with an eye on Levi’s heritage.

For women’s, this season is all about blending smart and casual pieces that manifest both comfort and style. While tops are getting smaller, bottoms are getting looser, with an away-from-body fit inspired by the slouchy nostalgic style of the late ‘90s. After an extended time stuck indoors, Autumn/Winter 2022 is all about looking good AND feeling good.

The hot topic for Levi’s women’s this season is the introduction of the new 501 90s. With a more relaxed fit through the seat and leg, it offers a roomier yet stylish fit that sits just below the waist giving the wearer a hint of attitude. Available in a range of washes that feature worn-in finishes inspired by the popular vintage looks of the ‘90s, it’s basically a favourite pair of 501s from the era when loose fit was the epitome of cool.

Autumn/Winter 2022 also features more options from Levi’s Red Tab Sweats for both men and women which are perfect for working from home and transitioning to an outdoor casual look. Styles include a super soft, heavyweight French terry in both piece and garment dye, and come in an oversized silhouette that offers stylish slouchiness and maximizes comfort.

For men’s, this season focuses on looser fits and relaxed silhouettes inspired by the heritage style of the 1980s and ‘90s when baggy tops were matched with even baggier bottoms or 501 jeans. It’s a move beyond streetwear fashion and blends modern and past styles into something new and stylish.

The focus of the men’s collection is versatility and offers a mix of everything from jeans to Levi’s XX Chino, to an expanded range of Levi’s Red Tab Sweats.

Levi’s XX Chino are the perfect option when looking for something between denim jeans and sweats. They are comfortable yet stylish and are garment dyed to give them a great colour that continues to look better with time.

Levi’s Red Tab Sweats not only offer cozy comfort, but also wardrobe flexibility thanks to a mix-and-max range of crew, hoodies, and pants, including the new open-bottom sweatpants and shorts.

As Levi's continues to explore new routes of sustainability within their practices, one important area is the use of plant-based dyes and dyeing techniques.

This season, Levi’s explored natural dyes with a new collection called Levi’s Fresh. Inspired by a 1970s Levi’s collection called “Fresh Produce,” Levi’s Fresh is a range of tops, bottoms, and accessories featuring natural dyes applied with a new dyeing technique that produces vibrant shades of peach, lavender, pink, and yellow.

"For AW 2022, we designed for the future while not really knowing what the future was going to look like," explained said Jill Guenza, Vice President of Design for Women’s Apparel at Levi’s, Strauss & Co. "We wanted to take the best parts of what we learned last year and combine it with the excitement of reentering the world. So, we blended these two things—the best of being at home with the best of being going out. It’s a lot of comfort and coziness mixed with a style that looks great whenever you’re out in the world."