10 SQ strutcards

Established almost 30 years ago, Najo was born from a love of jewellery design, fine craftsmanship and travel.  Whilst back-packing in the 80’s the founder of Najo, Jo Tory, spent time in Mexico where she discovered the exquisite work of the local silversmiths and knew she should bring their unique style to Australia.

With a design and craft background, Tory was able to work directly with the silversmiths in their workshops and implement formative ideas.

Tory has always loved the simple, organic forms of Scandinavian jewellery design, as well as the heavier oxidised gypsy inspired pieces of Mexico.  Modern shapes derived from the natural form have been fundamental in building the brand’s aesthetic. Some designs are influenced by fashion trends, or represent unconventional symbols such as animals or insects, however they are all designed with timelessness in mind.

The Najo customer is quite simply someone who wishes to express themselves by what they choose to wear. The Najo mantra is, after all, “Self Expression by Design.”

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