Natalie Walsh at 62 Models

After featuring in a shoot for Keegan Nelson from CommonThread Hair Salon, Natalie Walsh was soon picked up by model talent agent Amanda Betts, who put her in touch with 62 Models. Within six months of being a new face on the books, Walsh found herself travelling to Tokyo with international modelling agency Image Models, where she has gained valuable experience in overseas modelling industries. Featuring in top fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s commercial in Japan has been a highlight for the young model to date.

“It was a big challenge for me as it was my first ever commercial, and I wanted it to be perfect. Despite the long days and nights (10 hour days) it was well worth it,” said Walsh.

"Tokyo was an excellent working environment. It was hard work and I was always busy with jobs, but it was a perfect place for work. I enjoyed my time there and love both New Zealand and Tokyo modelling industries equally."
Currently, Walsh is studying Makeup Artistry in Auckland but has plans to return to Tokyo after the course has finished.

Her favourite part of the job was meeting so many different and talented people within the industry. "Makeup artists, photographers, hairstylists, other models and clients have been great to chat to and learn from.