New Adidas Ultraboost 22 Colourway

Adidas has released a new colourway for the Ultraboost 22 shoes. Initially debuted in mauve late last year, the latest addition to the iconic Ultraboost collection is now offered in a fresh new colourway, inspired by summer escapism.

Designed by an all-women squad, the Ultraboost 22 gives athletes four percent more forefront energy return than the Ultraboost 21 for women. Using a database of 1.2 million foot scans and women-specific data curated by footwear and technology researchers Jura, Žabkar and Džerosk, the shoes are specially designed with the female foot in mind to create a 360 degree fit improvement.

Adidas Running will be taking its commitment to the female running community to a whole new level with the latest Ultraboost 22 colourway release.

The company will be collaborating with White Ribbon, a global charity campaigning to end male violence against women, and political activist Amanda Sussman, to co-create an education program that aims to improve women’s safety while running.

“The launch of this program sees us take our commitment to our female running community to the next level. To drive impact and create meaningful change, we knew we had to focus on educating the next generation about this growing issue,” said Rebecca Gough, Senior Manager Adidas Running Communities.

Despite the rise in the number of women exploring possibilities through outdoor running over the pandemic, concerns around safety remain paramount. For years, women have been taught that they shouldn’t run alone in the dark or wear reflective clothing to stay safe. However, in do only perpetuates the culture of blaming women for harassment and sexual violence.

“Gender based violence impacts all areas of our lives, including sports and running. Sadly, being verbally or physically harassed while running is something that disproportionately affects women and other vulnerable groups, forcing them to be vigilant, to change their running habits and live in constant fear for their safety,” said Sussman. “This is not an issue that will solve itself.”

Adidas has decided to take a holistic approach to resolve the issue of male violence against women by tackling the root. Together, Adidas, White Ribbon and Amanda Sussman have combined their extensive knowledge to build a program to educate and push for meaningful societal impact worldwide. Currently, they have already created an educational playbook and distributed it to over 250 Adidas Runners coaches and captains from 71 cities around the world.

In order to create a safer environment for female athletes globally, the playbook identifies allyship tools and action steps that help communities better understand and recognize issues. It will also help encourage men and boys to think carefully about their behaviour and take responsibility for ensuring everyone feels safe to run.

“Through this collaboration with Adidas and Amanda, we will reach and educate more people,” said Humberto Carolo, Executive Director of White Ribbon. “Especially men and boys, to change their behaviour, and become strong allies in creating a safer, inclusive and violence-free future for everyone.”