New Dr. Martens Creative Director

Change is in the air as Darren McKoy, affectionately known as DMac, takes the helm at Dr. Martens design team as the brand’s new Global Creative Director. A role steeped in the Dr. Martens subcultural heritage for a brand that is always pushing forward as it evolves, grows, and adapts over time. Part custodian. Part innovator. McKoy, like almost everyone in the DM’s family is a life-long Docs wearer.

"Make good stuff, evoke an emotion, respect brand heritage," McKoy said. McKoy is taking a holistic approach to design as the iconic British brand surges forward. He believes in putting the history and heritage of the label first.

"We’ll continue to innovate and tell the brand story through the way we create, the processes we adopt and the way we interact with our wearers. But we’ll always pay homage and respect to the heritage and history of the brand."