Innovative technology meets contemporary design in this new way to sanitise and refresh your clothes in your wardrobe.

The new Samsung AirDresser removes odours and wrinkles as well as dust and germs. It is made to provide an alternative way to take care of your treasured garments.

With the rising need to live a sustainable life, taking good care of your garments, so the wear and tear life cycle lasts longer, is a perfect step to be taking.

Samsung's latest home innovations use a powerful air and steam system to freshen up your garments. Simply place your garment inside the unit, and wait for it to runs its course. The Jet Air and Air Hangers loosen and remove engrained dust. The JetSteam sanitises garments, but you can also place soft toys and linens into the unit for the same result.

With the Deodorising Filter function, the AirDresser works to remove odour-causing particles whilst the Self-Clean technology dehumidifies, sanitises and deodorises the interior of the unit itself.

Often, garments are thrown into the washing machine every two days, depending on how much you wear each garment. This causes the life span of garments to decrease drastically with every wash. The AirDresser is something you can use between washes to lengthen lifespan and condition of your garments.

This innovative technology allows you to save time and money in the long run and should become a staple in every household.