New sustainable goal for Gap Inc.

The company has revealed its new sustainable goal of conserving 10 billions of water by the end of 2020. With the creation of denim wash program called Washwell in 2016, which reduces water use by more than 20 percent and the introduction of Mill Sustainability Program in 2014, which helps improve environmental and social practices of their fabric mills, the company has saved over 3 billion litres of water.

"Leveraging the power of product innovation and improved manufacturing practices, we can help ensure that our customers not only look great in their favorite jeans and T-shirts, but also feel good about how their purchases are helping to make a positive impact for communities and helping to tackle global water scarcity," executive vice president of global sourcing Christophe Roussel said in a release.

"Water is critical to nearly all aspects of our business, and we recognise the responsibility and the opportunity we have to reduce the amount of water used to create our products."

Gap Inc., whose efforts aim to reduce environmental impact at the raw materials and product design level, and improve clean water accessibility and sanitation processes, has said to reduce and minimise the use of harmful chemicals in clothing product life cycles by 2020.