NZ Jewellery Label Launches New LA MER Collection

New Zealand based jewellery label Jasmin Sparrow is set to launch a new collection, LA MER this week.

Continuing to investigate a fascination with natural elements and their dynamism, Jasmin Sparrow’s LA MER collection turns hardened creatures of the sea into delicate wearable forms.

LA MER explores the idea of coiling: a chamber for inward retreat, or an armour against the rhythmical muscle of the tide. Baroque pearls, conical limpet charms, recycled metals and gold intersect each other, mimicking both aquatic symbiosis and classical artefacts.

Sizable wave-like earrings absorb the ear lobe in a lick of shell whorl; irregular sea pearls are scattered amongst weighted chain links; a tender string of pearls wrap the ankle bone like a cold wet tendril.

Water, a metaphor for change, evolution and regeneration, is also a place for reflection — a medium that both separates and unites us. LA MER is a lament between the soft and the hard, the protected and the exposed. But ultimately, this collection is a celebration of nature and how we respond to its offerings.

Much like treasures carefully gathered over time, Jasmin Sparrow’s collections past and present are intrinsically intertwined. Each piece is crafted to be mixed and matched with those that have come before — never forgotten as season’s change.

Keeping best sellers available permanently is an ongoing testament to creative director Jasmin Scott’s brand philosophy of pieces that stand the test of time.

Forgoing seasons and trends, instead created to be passed down through generations. From the Jasmin Sparrow Sentiments initiative, an online space designed to encourage the brand’s community to consume more consciously, to the way each collection has gently evolved so that pieces from years ago feel just as relevant today, Jasmin Sparrow approaches sustainability in a multi-faceted way and this new collection is a beautiful culmination of the slow design philosophy that has driven the designer since the beginning.