NZ vs AUS: Copycat Allegations Unfold Over Kids Gumboots

A Kiwi children's apparel label has been slammed with negative reviews and comments after allegations of copying an Australian brand. Jamie Kay posted on their website care instructions for a pair of their kids gumboots that mention the Australian competitor Hubble + Duke.

It stated: "Our gumboots generally hold up really well and have been worn outside and enjoyed by many many children. However when purchasing Hubble + Duke boots please note WE, nor our APPROVED Retailers, cannot be held responsible for…"

This has since been updated and was said to be an admin error. However, their customers are not happy now drawing more attention to the similarity between the two brands gumboot offerings. The Jamie Kay owner has denied any copying.

Jamie Kay also posted on social media this comparison picture below with both brand's gumboots.

Jamie Kay failed to point out front-facing branding in which the similarity is uncanny.

Hubble + Duke

Jamie Kay

Jamie Kay posted on Facebook today:

Hi All,

It's been a really heartbreaking time for us. We have noted a lot of information being spread about this situation and wanted to address this again.

We have designed our own gumboots with a custom sole, Jamie Kay floral pattern, colours and insole. These gumboots are not replicas.
They have taken months to develop and perfect.
Please refer to the photo.

In regards to the care instructions as per our statement posted 19th July (photo attached), it was an admin error on our website which was live for a very short period of time.
In the footer of our website and not a product listing. This contained our research rather than our own care instructions which can be found printed within our boxes (photo attached)
Our care instructions have already been placed within our boxes at the time of production with our manufacturer.
Research of care instructions is very common in the fashion industry to ensure we are following industry best practice.

We are terribly sorry for any heartache or frustrations the upload might have caused. It is never our brands intention to hurt or offend, on the contrary our worldwide customers are at the heart of everything we do.

In the first 24 hours of this unfolding our team received a large amount of repetitive posts, direct abuse and misinformation.
We acknowledge that some customers are upset that comments were removed.

As a company we felt the best way to protect the mental health of our staff involved was to remove these until we could understand the situation that was unfolding.

Thank you for taking the time to read our post.

With love,
The JK Team

The new care instructions from Jamie Kay.