The eponymous label by young Auckland designer was born with big dreams. Crisp started making her own clothes at the young age of 12, and went on to study fashion in Christchurch before making a name for herself as an emerging designer on Instagram. This is her first time showing at New Zealand Fashion Week, and she’s created a very personal collection that Crisp describes as feminine, fun and easy to wear. Sheer fabrics with a masculine cut turn out a modern and flirtatious look; one that Crisp can’t wait to wear herself. The stand out piece in her collection was the first she started working on and the last she finished. This dress, shrouded in excesses of fabric, is the designer’s pet project. Crisp’s collection is completely driven by her own ideas. The prospect of putting out a self-titled, self-made collection can be a bit daunting as Crisp is her own designer, marketer, and producer – and she loves every minute of it.

For more information visit or @CaitlinCrisp on Instagram.