Pakistan's exported footwear volume increased by 22.6 percent in August this year, marking the first two months of the new fiscal year with double digit growth rates. The value of the exported footwear increased by 14.2 percent from $10.538 million USD to $12.037 million USD according to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. Leather footwear alone represents 91.6 percent of the total value of exported footwear, this registered an increase in the volume (45.9 percent) and value (18.2 percent) of exports. Leather footwear drove most (90.7 percent) of the sales performance, reaching $20.227 million USD, up by 12.24 percent during the first two months of the year.

Exports from the category 'other footwear' saw a decline in volume (13.7 percent) and value (14.7 percent), and canvas shoes also saw a double digit decline in volume and value similar to last year.