Patric Seng grew up in Malaysia learning four languages. As a child, he showed a keen interest in art and painting, as well as getting up on stage and performing. “It’s been so natural to me since I was a little kid,” he told Apparel. “The beautiful costumes and performances gave me the confidence, and fashion came in at a later stage when I became a teenager.”

In 2006 Seng moved to New Zealand to complete his university study at UCOL. He worked two jobs – a full-time in-house graphic designer and a part-time bar supervisor – and spent his spare time watching Fashion TV on SKY. “I became a self-employed designer then starting to experiment with fashion photography. I met so much creative talent through all these processes, then figured out the best way was to start my agency.”

Seng started BINTANG in October 2014. Back then he was frequently conducting fashion shoots and always working with interesting faces. “They would ask me which agency they should contact and get signed, and I decided to tell them to sign to mine,” he said. “Ever since, BINTANG has become a hub for me where I have put my heart and soul.”

BINTANG has evolved into a multi-talented, young and vibrant agency. “We are all very much a family,” explained Seng. “That helps our models and staff work well with each other.” A typical day at BINTANG consists of working with his small team, making decisions, meetings, interviews, scheduling photoshoots, submitting the talent for jobs – all the while trying to maintain his fitness. “It’s challenging yet exciting!”

BINTANG has gone from strength to strength since its inception almost four years ago. The agency has worked with New Zealand Fashion Week since the start, a job which Seng said is his favourite so far. Seng aims to build the BINTANG brand in New Zealand with the intention of eventually taking it internationally and working with fashion designers in Asia.

For those looking for a start in the industry, Seng offers this advice:

“You must feel very comfortable with the agency you are going to sign. If you don’t trust the people, then don’t waste your time.”