Cool beanies for the winter months were a hard find for Alice Harding until she began her own headwear brand Pom Pom. Founded on the need for unique headwear that can spice up any outfit, Pom Pom is a playful and practical brand that brings joy in winter. Starting with beanies, Pom Pom’s current range offers six colourways for adults and two for children. Stripped and spotted, with an obligatory pom pom on top, the beanies are cosy yet playful. Being 80% wool and 20% nylon, with a 100% New Zealand merino pom, the beanies are high quality and easy to care for.

With experience in fashion buying and brand managing, Harding takes inspiration from the branding experience. She plans to expand her collection to a range of hats that are for the great outdoors as well as stylish indoors. For more information please email, hello@pompomnz.com.