Outbreaks of infectious illnesses like COVID-19 mean it is critical for businesses to do everything they can to minimise the spread of bacteria. The average office desktop is home to 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. The Medigenic Infection Control Compliance Keyboard aims to tackle the fact that conventional keyboards spread more than just words.

This unique keyboard sets off audio and visual alerts at user-defined intervals, reminding the user to wipe it clean with any hospital grade disinfectant. The flat surface allows quick and easy disinfection and prevents bacteria from building up between the gaps of a conventional keyboard. A removable silicone cover means that you can replace a single component as opposed to the whole unit in the case of long-term wear and tear.

Get in touch with Biodecon if you think your workplace could benefit from the Medigenic Infection Control Compliance Keyboard. Infection control mice are also available.

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