Recipients of The Textile Institute Awards are announced

The Textile Institute Awards provide annual recognition for industry professionals who provide outstanding contributions to the global textile industry. This years Award Ceremony was incorporated into The 91st Textile Institute World Conference in Leeds, U.K, and featured an impressive lineup.

The ceremony sees seven awards distributed among the years most influential figures in the textile industry, and this year’s winners have been announced.

The Textile Institute New Materials Award was presented to Xiros, one of the conferences sponsors, for their research in the development, design and manufacturing of products within the medical profession.

The Companion Membership was presented to Bernard F Moore. The award honours an institute member over the age of 40 who has substantially advanced the general interest of the textile industry. Moore was the former Head of Merchandise Standards at John Lewis Group and received one of the evenings most respected awards.

The Institute Medal is the oldest award of the institute, inaugurated in 1921. This year it was presented to institute member Dr Gerry Leaf, who is the institute's longest-serving member and has continued his research in the field of textiles well after his formal retirement in 1993

The Textile Institute Holden Medal for Education was awarded to Professor Ayub Khan for recognition of outstanding contribution to technology-based education after his 31 years of service to the industry.

The Textile Institute Innovation award is presented to an organization for impressive achievements in enhancing international textile interests. This year’s award was presented to Revolutions Fibres of New Zealand which is a monumental achievement for the Kiwi company. The company has commercialised and manufactured products for industries such as skin care, filtration and biotechnology using their unique electrospinning methods.

The Textile Institute Research Publication Award was presented to Sungee Park and Dr Sundaresan Jayaraman for the most outstanding paper published in The Journal of Textile Institute, which is a leading international publication.

Finally, the prestigious Young Persons Award was presented to Charlotte Moroney. The award provides assistance to students in their attendance of international conferences. Moroney responded with a statement: “I am thrilled to have won the Young Person award and have my research recognized by The Textile Institute. The ward will help me to further disseminate my research to a wider, professional audience.”

The Textile Institute has members across 70 different countries, and everyone honoured in this year's ceremony has provided outstanding contributions to the institute and the overall textile industry.