Lauren Berteletti grew up between Italy and New York City and has always had a passion for fashion. Berteletti said her mother was very strict with clothing growing up, and gave her a weekly dress code of what she had to choose to wear. Upon graduating from her associates and bachelors, she decided to intern at a multi-brand showroom in Milan, and it was working here that she fell in love with the industry, not clothing. Berteletti studied her masters in fashion business at Domus Academy in Milan and now lives in Geneva in Switzerland. Her grandmother was a significant influence on Berteletti as she made her clothing growing up.

Designed and made in Geneva, Berteletti creates all of Rêve de Rive Swimwear’s designs and works with her in-house production team to produce each piece. “It’s part of eco-chic benefits of not over producing,” she added. “I value many things about this practice, but I above all love sustainability and my customers looking and feeling good.”

As the head designer and CEO of the brand, Berteletti works with a team of six to create her garments. She also likes to partner with schools for short-term interns. Berteletti launched her label over a year ago entering her niche swimwear market. During her masters, Berteletti did a thesis of a swimwear concept. “I took that as a base and took my favourite summer pass time, South of France lifestyle to create the concept.”

Rêve de Rive means ‘dream next to water’ and is part of Berteletti’s concept where customers are at a party and look good next to a body of water whether it’s a pool, ocean or lake.

Berteletti explained that e-commerce and social media channels are a great way to market and get sales, but said she prefers magazines and face-to-face meetings to represent and explain her brand to get the best coverage.

Currently stocked in a few boutiques in Europe and online retailers, the brand is also available for purchase online. A physical store is on its way in the future along with a bigger office with more production. Dubai is Rêve de Rive Swimwear’s next goal market.

Berteletti finds herself inspired by Coco Chanel as she is the ultimate power woman in the industry. “She achieved what seemed impossible for her time. In my life, my mother, my grandmother and my cousin really are my base of strength and influence while I was young. They showed me what it was to be a woman in business, to be a woman, how to overcome the obstacles in life and work and how to set and achieve goals.”