Salt Label

Growing up as the youngest of a family of six, Suzy Broad has always been competitive. After leaving Aotea College at fifteen, Broad enrolled at Weltec to study Business Management and Marketing, a subject she found intriguing and graduated from three years later. A modelling contract brought another big change to Broad’s life - taking her to Beijing, where she was fully immersed in the fashion industry. When she returned to Wellington, she started Salt Label and discovered her passion for designing. "The ideas just flowed, and it’s such an amazing feeling drawing something and then a couple of weeks later holding it in your hands as a physical product. I’ve never been able to get so much satisfaction through something so simple," said Broad. The actual inspiration for Salt Label was Broad’s surf rowing hobby. When her favourite rash vest design was discontinued, she began reaching out to manufacturers to try and get the design remade, and the idea for a minimalist, high-quality swimwear brand was born.

Salt Label is manufactured in Australia and is made entirely of recycled Italian fabrics. The quest for building a sustainable fashion brand is a driving factor for Broad. "Over time I've come to realise, it's not so much about what you do; it’s how you do it," explained Broad. "When it comes to fashion, I believe less is more and quality can not be substituted for convenience."

From Salt’s conception, Broad has been fully immersed in online retailing and social media marketing, using her Instagram and Facebook accounts to reach more customers. "Social media is the largest influencer for purchasing goods, and I don’t think it will decline anytime soon," added Broad. The convenience of an online presence is what she likes about e-commerce, Salt Label is always a few clicks away, and Broad can get a better understanding of her customers through online interaction.

There is a definite plan for the future of Salt, although Broad is keeping details close to her chest for now. Wading further into the surfwear apparel industry is a goal, Broad's next dream is to design surfboards and sponsor surf athletes.