RK & Co

Designer and founder of RK&Co, Robert Key, has been many stylish things. A cabinet maker, musician and set designer for film and television.  He is now designing bags, belts and cuffs.  Locking himself up in his workshop, Key perfects his bespoke products.

RK&Co bags are elegantly simple and made with hand-picked leather and canvas.  Key describes leather and canvas as familiar materials with enduring qualities.  With a little love they have a natural patina that improves with age. Key has created his own buckle range, designed in the more traditional ‘Garrison’ style of full buckle.  These are custom-made using a spincast process in Auckland from a zinc alloy, then electroplated in an antique silver or brass finish. RK&Co’s guiding principle is to maintain a design-and-build integrity.

For more information please contact info@rkandco.com