Robin McGowan lived in Italy when he was younger and remembers the effortless style of men and the suits of Rome and Milan. “This childhood memory has stuck with me throughout the years and helped craft my vision for InStitchu,” McGowan said.

With no formal education or training in fashion, co-founders McGowan and James Wakefield both completed their degrees in finance and economics before jumping into careers at big corporations. Cognisant that the two new nothing about tailoring or suit making or the fashion industry, the duo travelled the world to learn trade secrets from the best suit tailors and pattern makers around the globe. Before InStitchu, McGowan worked as a business development strategist, coordinating online and digital business while carrying out sales strategies to bring on new clients. “Tailoring is a traditional industry, but we wanted to challenge the notion that this experience is only something a select few can experience offline,” he explained.

InStitchu was born in 2011 when Wakefield and McGowan both realised how difficult it was to build their own professional wardrobes. “We were tired of the endless search for high-quality, affordable business attire, and it turned out we weren’t the only ones who were looking for a better experience and easier way to shop for a suit or shirt to wear to work,” said McGowan. The pair opened InStitchu with the aim to bridge the gap between high-end tailors in Asia and consumers all over the world.

Proudly flexible, InStitchu enables their clients to have their suit anyway they desire even down to the material of the buttons. The label also stocks independent Australian brands for their shoes, socks, pocket squares and grooming products and are looking to expand their range further. Another highlight of the InStitchu experience is once the customers have finished choosing their design, the garment is rendered in 3D before making the purchase. “This flexibility, when directly contrasted with the old-fashioned nature of the traditional tailoring industry, has resulting in market dominance for InStitchu.”