San Diego Company Pioneers Heated Clothing

Heated clothing has become increasingly popular, and a number of companies with different technologies have created a crowded market space. The industry pioneer had extremely humble roots - and it all started with motorcycles.

Fieldsheer, in 1978, was the first company to introduce heated motorcycle apparel for chilly rides in unpredictable conditions. Jackets, motorcycle pants, and gloves were charged using the motorcycle battery, giving garments a toasty feel that kept riders comfortably warm.

Fast forward to a few years ago, Fieldsheer introduced its Mobile Warming line, consisting of jackets, baselayers, socks, gloves, even heated insoles. Equipped with extremely small, lightweight batteries, Mobile Warming apparel not only heats up like the original motorcycle gear, it works with Bluetooth and the proprietary MW Connect smartphone app to allow wearers to control the heat level for maximum comfort. The MW Connect app also lets users get real-time updates on battery levels and other data.

The company is San Diego-based and is the only heated apparel company in the US market that owns its full supply chain, from hardware R&D, battery design, to cut-and-sew, and app development. With the supply chain issues facing many American companies, this gives Fieldsheer a significant competitive advantage. 

Being the forerunner in the industry, over the years Fieldsheer has modified and enhanced the technology becoming one of the premier heated clothing brands on the market. Development of the technology has also seen the company expand to include a new Mobile Cooling line, keeping users several degrees cooler that regular clothing. 

A technology company that just happens to make apparel, Fieldsheer definitely started the fire when it comes to heated clothing.