Sarah Solaris, The Vault

In 1991, when Sarah Solaris started The Vault, she had nothing. Following her nose and aesthetic, her boutique now offers a predominantly New Zealand made hybrid experience combining a gallery and store.

The Vault is driven by Solaris’ idea of what stands out. “Unique, beautifully crafted, with a strong sense of either New Zealand identity, or is artistic or edgy.” While there are no specific trends or seasons that The Vault adheres to, Solaris explained that she is excited to be able to stock Scribbler Raincoats and the new Jill Main range of jewellery and merino.

Solaris noted that sustainability is an influencing factor for The Vault. “We are very motivated to make a change in consumer, and supplier and artist habits. We try to use only biodegradable packaging and ask our suppliers to do the same. Awareness has definitely grown, and change is all around now.” Additionally, Solaris said that throughout her time in the industry, the New Zealand made aspect has become increasingly popular.

“I think surviving in these times is an awesome and laudable goal,” added Solaris. “Firstly, because the rent and staff costs are high and turnover down and also because I don’t believe in the highly unsustainable mantra of ever-increasing growth.”

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