Seabreeze Apparel has been manufacturing fashion and casual-wear for the New Zealand market since the mid-1980’s. Over the years they have evolved to become more of a specialist manufacturer and printer, focussing on sustainable segments of the apparel market where ‘New Zealand Made’ is a key requirement.

“We are very passionate about helping our customers to materialise their New Zealand Made garments,” explained Malcolm Walkinshaw, Seabreeze Apparel’s managing director. “Watching them successfully market their products to both the local and global marketplace brings our company great pleasure.” Seabreeze’s loyal staff are well aware that the garment they are making may well be purchased by consumers on the other side of the world, and they take great care to ensure every detail is completed to the highest possible standard.

Consumers who choose New Zealand made garments are discerning consumers and they are a valuable audience to have.  “These consumers care about where their products are made and who makes them. The clothing brand they select tells you a bit about them and what they value,” added Walkinshaw. “They immediately associate New Zealand Made with ethical manufacturing, high-quality and uniqueness.” As well as enhancing a brand’s image and reputation; Walkinshaw also pointed out that international consumers find New Zealand Made novel and intriguing.

Maggie Marilyn, Maaike, Juliette Hogan, Jimmy D, Federation, and Workshop are just a few of the New Zealand brands Seabreeze Apparel works with. Providing full-service manufacturing, including fabric selection, design assistance, pattern making, grading and production, is all available in-house at their Silverdale premises, where Seabreeze employ 28 team members. Printing is also provided if required. Recently, they have invested in computerised pattern making, grading and marking.

“Seabreeze work to build long-term partnerships with our customers, by offering a comprehensive manufacturing service, from patterns to production to retail ready garments,” he said. “We like to get to know our customers, and with our vast experience, we try to add value to our customer’s products where we can. We greatly admire the talent and enthusiasm of our customers that have selected New Zealand Made manufacturing and we believe they have a bright future.” 

Their goal is to continue to help grow their customers businesses and to do this, Seabreeze will continue to invest in people, technology and relationships.

For more information, visit or call 09 426 6586.