In a move away from traditional promotional tools, American-based fashion brand Carolina Herrera has launched its latest Resort collection on Sweet, a new Snapchat Discover publication.

Having launched in November 2015, Sweet has already build an audience of over 15 million unique visitors per month.

The campaign features 16-year-old actress, Kiernan Skipka, aimed at Generation Z, the post-Millennial audience aged six to 20 years-old and recognised as the first true digital natives. While this audience may not be the typical customer for Carolina Herrera, the decision to use Snapchat was focussed more on building brand awareness and selling the idea.

“The project doesn’t have a commercial ambition, per se, but is instead a branding exercise that shows the best of the brands we cover to a very large audience,” said Francois Kress, president and chief executive, Carolina Herrera.

However, there are still high commercial opportunities for the campaign, which works to remind customers of the brand’s mid-priced lifestyle range, CH Carolina Herrera, and it’s fragrance products which make up the backbone of the business.