A Rotorua woman has built an online community of over 70,000 people to help users decide what to wear. The website and app, created by Billinda Connolly-Tevendale, works by connecting people together and presenting the two outfit options to choose from. Users then vote on which looks better, and the results are sent to the uploader.

“I often needed a second opinion that I trusted while out shopping for clothes, and I found my girlfriends weren’t available to shop when I was,” said Connelly-Tevendale.

The process is designed like any other social media platform, where people can connect with others they know and trust, or people they think have good sense in fashion.

Starting out as a Facebook page in July last year, the concept quickly gained attention, with a website launched shortly after and then an app in December.

“This is just all new to me and I didn’t think it would take off how it has. I’m excited to see how it is growing and how it is being used worldwide.”

The service is free of charge, with users being able to log in on the website or the app with content being shared across both.