Popular outdoor and adventure clothing retailer has taken a big step to reduce their environmental footprint. Opening their first solar-powered store in Blackburn, Victoria, Kathmandu hopes to continue to transfer their existing retail stores to become solar powered too.

Although Kathmandu stores within shopping centres cannot partake in this initiative, Kathmandu hopes to put solar-power in their retail stores that can support it. The Blackburn store was a great stand-alone building for this. With all the energy needed to open the store daily, using solar power has offset 124 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

Project manager Dean Smith said, "Kathmandu has been using sustainable practices for over 30 years and they are integral to our operations. Being able to improve our environmental footprint is one of our key pillars".

Kathmandu hopes to have net-zero environmental harm from their business operations by 2025. This is definitely one step in the right direction whilst being incredible business leaders in sustainability initiatives.