Overconsumption and throwaway culture is a practice that is slowly phasing out. However, it needs to happen faster for the sake of our planet.

Britain is planning to implement a new rule where products that are being manufactured such as textiles, mobile phones, electronics and packaging, must be made to be easily repaired and to last longer.

Currently, switching out a new phone happens more regularly than it should be, all because the replacement of a new battery or a new screen is a timely process as well as being overall very expensive.

This plan is being presented to the European Commission, so it is likely to affect the whole of the United Kingdom.

This new plan may seem ambitious and a big leap towards a world that is more sustainable, but it is what is need at this point. We have waited for way too long to get to this stage, so fast-forwarding our sustainable journey for society as a whole is the only solution.

The days where manufacturers purposely make items that have a shorter life-span for profit are looking short. Although, this is all in the planning stages still, pressure from citizens that do not appreciate the existing throwaway culture may make fast-fashion businesses rethink their business models sooner than they expect.