Sustainable Kiwi Label Leads Way for Climate Positive Business

Young Kiwi designer Maggie Marilyn is leading the way for creating a climate positive fashion brand. The fashion industry has not exactly been the most eco-friendly industry; destroying waterways and ecosystems across the globe among other things.

Maggie Marilyn is now operating completely vertical. With this change, they are proud to announce they were able to reduce their carbon footprint by 73 percent, and have stated that they are New Zealand's first climate positive fashion brand in a new Impact Report by the label.

In the Impact Report, they delve deeper into three key pillars:

  • Circularity and Regeneration - Going circular | The climate crisis | The supply chain and the environmental impacts
  • Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality - Our supply chain social | Diversity and inclusion | Education and communicating sustainability
  • Transparency, and Shared Prosperity | Transparency, financial prosperity | Local and community | Product safety | Health, safety and wellbeing of staff | Charitable partnerships

Note: Page 6 of the report gives you a great overview in terms of what exactly they've been able to achieve in the last two years.  

View the full report here.