Wholesalers and retailers are increasingly aware that supporting each other has become critical for the future of the clothing industry in New Zealand. In fact, the key to further success hinges on the importance of a sustainable supply chain according to Litchfield managing director Geoff Alcock. He said this sustainability is now front of mind for the forward thinking members of the industry. “The future is in retailer and supplier teaming together and growing together as the market accelerates. We have seen independent suppliers and retailers growing over the last few years and proven they have ability to develop the industry even further.  It is certainly clear that there is no future in chasing the bottom dollar category because our industry strength lies in offering quality and profitable merchandise,” Alcock added.
He believes the new players in the retail and supply sector of menswear have recognised that being selective had met a market where consumers were happy to pay the price for a quality garment. “At Litchfield, we are now strongly focused on our retailers’ needs and are now working closely with them as a team in the menswear market.”