Tailor Skincare’s First Eyecream Revealed

tailor skincare eyecream box and product shot

On the first day of spring, cult New Zealand beauty brand Tailor Skincare will unveil Awaken – its first-ever eye cream. Using a combination of caffeine extract, golden mica and hyaluronic acid, Awaken instantly brightens skin and provides lasting hydration to the eye area.

Taking years of formulation and experimentation, Awaken has been scientifically validated to reduce dark circles and combat the early signs of ageing and, unlike its competitors, won’t break the bank at an affordable $49.

“For years, our customers have been looking for a natural eye cream that works. After years of testing, we are thrilled to share Awaken! Finding the perfect eye cream is one of the hardest parts of any skincare routine, so we had to make sure we got the formulation just right. Our combination of all-natural, active ingredients gives customers the glow they deserve,” said Founder Sara Corleison.

As with all Tailor products, Awaken is all-natural, cruelty-free, vegan, free of parabens, phthalates and sulphates, and comes in environmentally conscious recycled plastic packaging.

Tailor skincare eyecream box

The Ceramic Applicator Tip is an innovative way to soothe, cool and de-puff skin upon application. Golden Mica provides a subtle shimmer to instantly reduce the appearance of dark circles. The ingredient is sourced responsibly using the responsible mica initiative.

Hyaluronic Acid works fast to hydrate and plump the eye area. Famed for actively drawing water into the skin, hyaluronic acid moisturises the delicate eye area, and over time, helping to minimise fine lines.

Caffeine-Extract revives the eye area by reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Think of it like a morning coffee – waking the eye area up gradually over the first few hours of the day. Milk Thistle Ester is used in place of silicon. The natural and nourishing alternative enhances the skin’s protective barrier.

Awaken will be available on the Tailor website and via Tailor Skincare’s exclusive Australian stockist Flora and Fauna from September 1st 2021.