The Blue Jean Turns 143 Today

Today is the birthday of your beloved blue jeans! Invented by Levi's on 20th May 1873, the blue jean is the ultimate staple of anyone's and everyone's wardrobe.

In 1853, Levi Strauss moved from Bavaria to San Francisco during the Gold Rush era. It was there he opened a dry goods business where he sold clothes, boots and other goods to smaller retail stores of the American West. From there he met and teamed up with Jacob Davis, a local tailor from Nevada. Together they created a riveted-for-strength workwear made of true blue denim and just like that the blue jean was born. What we know as the classic 501 jeans by Levi's was actually called "XX" originally. Soon after the The Two Horse logo was introduced in 1886 onto a leather patch on the "XX" jeans. This demonstrated the incredible strength of Levi’s clothing and is still seen on their jeans today.


Today, the desire for the vintage look jeans has experienced a tremendous boom over the past few seasons, which has lead Levi's to utilise modern fabrics and new innovative technology to bring you new styles such as the 'wedgie fit' and the 501CT. Just goes to show that the 143 year old blue jean is both a cultural and fashion icon as the most popular apparel on Earth.