The DHL Difference | $100,000 Shipping Credit For Small-Medium Sized Businesses

DHL Express is the world's leading express service provider, and despite seeing significant double-digit increases in package deliveries during the COVID-19 climate, they have been able to continue its unrivalled logistics service.

"New Zealand's efforts, as a team of five million, to stay ahead of the global pandemic are now paying off for New Zealand businesses in tangible ways, opening an opportunity as a nation for us to grow and continue to trade with the rest of the world," said DHL Express New Zealand Country Manager, Mark Foy.

Inside the new Auckland DHL Gateway building. 

As a trusted partner for Kiwi businesses, DHL is aware that many companies rely on their efficient and hassle-free services as a key element of their supply chain.

With a fleet of DHL owned aircraft, the company can move a vast majority of their shipments on DHL global network flights. The company's robust intercontinental network continues to enable global trade.

Before the rise of COVID-19, DHL Express had the ability to operate its Auckland based B767 Trans-Tasman Freighter 5-7 times a week from Australia.

"The ability to operate our Auckland based Trans-Tasman freighter six times a week and up to seven is the capability DHL Express has demonstrated to continue to connect New Zealand exporters and importers to the world, even in unprecedented times."

DHL saw a massive increase in imports to New Zealand consisting of sanitisers and PPE equipment. Imports for commodities such as cosmetics also saw a rise, as physical stores shut their doors and retailers and consumers all went online.

DHL was working 'business as usual', meaning a combination of teamwork and consolidated effort enables consistent transit times for international delivery during COVID-19.

DHL has taken this opportunity to enable Kiwi's to reach the world by shipping their products faster and to more locations internationally than anyone else. Due to the increased demand, additional couriers were brought on to help with deliveries, and new processes were implemented to ensure that all deliveries were contactless, ensuring the safety of both courier and recipient.

With the demand continuing to grow, DHL recently announced that they will add four more 767-300 Boeing Converted International Freighters as part of the company's efforts to continue modernising and expanding its fleet with more eco-friendly and cost-efficient international freighters.

"While DHL is very much a global express delivery company, we, like you, are New Zealanders. And we are pushing forward to see the New Zealand economy and exports grow. DHL Express is committed to helping New Zealand businesses to reach more countries than ever before; faster, reliably and consistently."

Along with providing the best logistics service for New Zealand businesses, the team has put aside $100,000 of shipping credit to help give small and medium-sized businesses a better opportunity to reach the world by shipping their products faster and to more locations than anyone else.

This initiative is called "The DHL Difference" and is for Kiwi businesses who have never used DHL's services before. The DHL Difference could be the kick-start that many other Kiwi businesses need to experience DHL's service quality.

Kiwi businesses can sign up here for The DHL Difference initiative.