The Quest To Stay Gold Art Exhibition at Commercial Bay

Thursday 10th December artist and founder of clothing brand Federation, Jenny Joblin is hosting the exhibition "the quest to stay gold" located on 6 Lower Albert Street at Commercial Bay.

The quest is to stay gold, stay authentic, find the good and be kind. This thought and train of exploration have been on Jenny’s mind for most of the duration of this year.

The thought of not seeking gold, but to be gold. Be of value as a person, not in things. This has become the title and focus for a lot of the exhibition. It started during the first lockdown with a thought about making sure we keep the lights on. This was a literal sense as well as in ways of both mentally and imaginatively too. As well as perspective that always seems clearer with the lights on, of all the good things that are around us. Playing with the elements in abstract form to express this as well as written and illustrated forms.

Teaming these pieces with some Federation garment prints that have been developed from Jenny’s original paintings in the last few years. Including a collection of pansy prints and some long-time iconic ones too.

Jenny is the founder of the brand Federation, which is now celebrating 20 years, also co-founder of Minti and more recently Somekind brand. The main role of creative director of the businesses takes centre stage most of the time and this is her 2nd exhibition in 5 years.

The original pieces will be available for purchase alongside the option to have as a print.