The Shelter StoreAuckland’s boutique shopping capital, Ponsonby, has welcomed its newest store The Shelter this month. The Shelter is a shared contemporary space of like-minded, design-led brands that create a relaxed artistic experience for the discerning shopper. It houses a carefully curated selection of new and established local and international brands. Brands include Danish clothing designer Barbara Gongini, Canadian jewellery designer Arielle de Pinto and local brands such as Monday’s Child from Christchurch and Vicki Taylor’s own brand, taylor. The Shelter also features an on-site café and bike store.

Owner Vicki Taylor has had the concept for The Shelter for many years, and was waiting for the right location and time to present itself for her vision to become a reality.

“Once the client enters the space they are drawn in to explore the area through semi-concealed areas that create intrigue. I want customers to lose themselves inside the space. The idea is that you can access design-led versions of all your lifestyle essentials at The Shelter. Food, clothing and homeware are all delivered to create a sophisticated and creative environment for discerning shoppers,” said Taylor.

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