The Tribe Has Spoken

New Zealand Fashion Week in my opinion has been facing an uphill battle for a long time. Buyers have long been left idle while consumers take the front row for the past few years (refer to every September editors note I have had in the last six years where I report first hand what happened each year). 

Where is the return on investment? Where are the buyers? Is it time we completely switch fashion week to a completely consumer event showcasing Spring/Summer instead of Autumn/Winter 2022? Sell the tickets, make it consumer, sell the garments straight off the runway with paywave. Whatever we do, we have to make some money for the industry or we simply can’t continue. 

We asked our readers how fashion week could improve and evolve to further benefit the industry – here’s what our readers had to say. We received an overwhelming amount of entries, with many overlapping opinions, so here are the highlights. If you disagree or want to have your say, I welcome you to send us an email or submit a letter to the editor here.