Jarrad Godman’s forward season collection was heavily influenced by teen angst, passive aggression and cynicism. “Particularly that of the MySpace generation of c.2007,” added designer Jarrad Godman. He explained that looking back, it was a humorous and entertaining journey of reflection, not only to himself but also to his friends at the time. “Airing all our frustrations online for the world to see, before we knew of the consequences that came along with passive-aggressively posting our feelings on the internet.”

Aptly titled ‘Total Buzzkill’, this Spring/Summer collection exudes a modern-day crossover of Courtney Love and Debbie Harry paired with the quintessential emo kid.

Every season, Jarrad Godman flaunts a custom print designed in-house by Godman himself. This season, a custom silk print called Georgette features imagery of flames. “For our Spring/Summer collection, we really wanted something clean and minimal.”

The rest of the collection is made up of silks, viscose, and organic cotton for breathability and feel. Some of the basic everyday pieces utilise a viscose/spandex knit. “We also hand bleached cottons and viscose to create a lava-like effect that varies in every garment.”

This season offers 23 styles all of which are available in multiple fabrics and colourways. One of the styles includes a revamp of the original Schaab Robe from their first season. Another popular re-cut is their ever-popular Repo Tanks and “Good God, Man!” screen print. This is the first season that they have added in their take on tailoring, with the Mastermind Dress and Blouse which feature voluminous raw edged frills that juxtapose the crispness of the full garment. The collection also features rosettes which say “got cynicism” which are sold with some garments as well as individually.

Godman said it has been pretty difficult to pin down an ‘ideal demographic’ as he and his retailers have found the pieces are very versatile and are picked up by a diverse range of consumers. Jarrad Godman is ideal for retailers with an appreciation for innovative, locally made high-end streetwear.

Available for wholesale orders now, the collection drops in-stores late August onwards.

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