twenty-seven names

Twenty-seven names have become an iconic New Zealand brand, and the company is continuing to expand their presence around the nation with the opening of their new flagship store. The brand’s founders Anjali Burnett and Rachel Easting spoke with Apparel Magazine about the new outlets unique offering, and the type of future it poses for the company.

The flagship sits at 27 Ghuznee Street in Wellington, ironically sharing the brand’s name, but Burnett and Easting chose this new location for their flagship not only because of the fun coincidence. They chose the location because it was so close to their workroom, and the area had proven to be a fabulous location for business. “We have been here for the last seven years,” revealed Burnett, “Ghuznee Street is the best, everyone is so kind, so when the option came to join our mates we jumped at the chance.” Having the store in their own neighbourhood gives the directors the unique ability to fully immerse themselves in its operations. “Being so close means that we can be hands-on and more reactive, which we are really relishing in.”

The store’s fit-out was designed by the director, their partners and their friend Rufus. The group working around the clock to pull together this fresh retail experience. “Our concept for the store was for it to be a love letter to the Wellington women who have supported us for the last five years,” shared Burnett. Key aesthetic features of the store include concrete walls, glass brick finishes and a high stud, all very minimalistic. “The store is a showcase for our collections, which are colourful, so we wanted the space to be neutral, ensuring that the clothing is free to speak for itself,” explained Burnett. The fit out has a very gallery-like feel to it, which allows the brand’s collections to be presented in a calming and personal way. “There is a real distinction in the changing room area, which is separated with a glass block wall. This area creates a sense of privacy and space, which allows the customer to have their own personal experience.”

The directors have used the same hands-on approach in the construction of this store as they had with their previous establishments. Their main intention with the flagship is to ensure their customers feel relaxed and welcome. “We want people to feel at ease in the store - to be able to have a little fun in there, to see the clothes in a beautiful space.” By embracing the raw beauty of the location, Burnett and Easting have created a flagship store that highlights the beauty and intricacies of their collections. “Each garment has a story to tell, and we love to share it.”