Vast Leadership Changes for J.C. Penney

American Department store J.C. Penney is starting 2019 with a severe upheaval or their business. New leadership roles are being created, filled and advertised as the company looks toward a revamp of their current customer experience.

The current Executive Vice President of Private Brands and Supply Chains, Mike Robbins is having his position with the company expanded upon. Robbins has been appointed as the Executive Vice President, Chief Stores and Supply Chain Officer. Besides a title shift, this new position will make Robbin’s the head of sourcing, supply chains and operations for all their stores, where he is said to be focusing on innovative product delivery as well as an enhanced customer experience both in and out of store.

A new addition to the company is Truett Horne, previously an associate principal of McKinsey & Company. Horne will be joining J.C. Penney as their Chief Transformation Officer, where she will hold responsibility for the development and implementation of the companies new initiatives. This new position speaks to the grandeur of the companies intended upheaval, the future is certainly looking transformative for the business.

In addition to these new team members, J.C. Penney is seeking to fill five additional positions. The roles include a Chief Merchant, Chief Customer Officer, Senior Vice President of Planning and Allocation, a Principal Accounting Officer and a Chief Financial Officer. Many of these searches are well underway, with high profile candidates from around the world being considered for the roles. With so many new leadership positions up for grabs, the company seems to be preparing for a total upheaval of their current operations, and fresh minds seem to be their course of attack.

CEO Jill Soltau has commented on the company’s new direction, speaking positively about their upcoming plans. “These executive changes reflect the strength and depth of each leader’s responsibilities and their enormous potential to drive change aligned without customers’ needs and expectations.” J.C.Penney is positioning themselves to appeal to a more value-based consumer, believing that this is the best course for the companies potential growth. “By appointing and recruiting the right leaders who have the expertise and fortitude to accelerate a turnaround strategy, our senior executive team will play an instrumental role in energising teams, connecting with our customers and positioning J.C. Penney for profitable growth.”