Collistar Appoints new International Director

The Italian cosmetics manufacturing company Collistar is headed for a revamp following the appointment of a new International Director.

After almost two years with the company, Marcio Dos Santos has left, and Luigi Rivetti is set to take his place. Rivetti is a graduate in economics and commerce and brings a host of experience to the position. Rivetti’s previous role with Italy’s leading personal and household care company Paglieri saw him managing large export divisions for a variety of companies, making him an apt fit for the role.

Collistar is a leading prestige brand for Italy, taking out the top-selling position for 15 consecutive years. The brands CEO Daniela Sacerdote released a statement regarding the appointment of Rivetti. The CEO believed the new International Director would be able to “give a powerful boost to our international sector, taking it into the next phase of development.”

Collistar’s biggest export markets are currently Russia and the Netherlands, but with this new addition to their International sector, the company is sure to see more substantial expansions.