JNORIG is a combination of Javier Giron’s first name and last name – the J in Javier and Giron spelled backwards. These apparent opposites reflect the name of Giron’s first collection, Two Opposite Worlds.

Giron moved from Colombia to Germany at the age of 12, and the sudden contrasts had a considerable impact on his worldview. Brutalism and Modular architecture are particularly inspiring to him, and combine with his family history of South American dressmaking to create an artistic output that truly is the melding of two opposite worlds.

This is the menswear brand’s first time showing at Vancouver Fashion Week. The collection is called Complex Minimalism and refreshes the concept of merging cultures. “Our idea is to break with social, political, and religious boundaries,” explained Giron. “We chose to express this by merging the simplicity of the Amish lifestyle and the complexity of Native American tribes, who both live life on limited resources.”

Giron hopes that showing at VFW will gain the brand a broader audience on the international stage. The clean lines and bold structure are sure to fit into the Spring-Summer buyers’ budgets.

The team behind JNORIG is small – only four people – with Giron acting as creative director, pattern maker, and studio manager. This hasn’t stopped the brand from producing multiple culture-melding collections and having stockists all over the world. It can be found in Barcelona, Berlin, Dubai, and Los Angeles, and it’s also available online.