Videris: Lingerie For Everyday Well-being

Videris in latin translates to 'you are seen', a purposeful name for a purposeful lingerie brand.

Videris is a new lingerie brand that is made consciously, ethically and sustainably but pushes the idea of a 'purposeful brand' further by promoting its wearers to evoke intent for the day ahead, via colour choice.

Videris is founded by leading New Zealand lingerie designer, Chloe Julian. Julian has had roles as head designer for Agent Provocateur, Stella McCartney and Rhianna - in her role as Vice President of Design for Savage x Fenty.

Two years in the making, Julian has devoted time tirelessly for research and development to design and production.

In this debut collection, the colour black provides a sense of security, magenta stimulates harmony, violet promotes imagination, pink encourages self-acceptance, white is calming, green restores balance and olive is associated with compassion.

"With Videris, I want to encourage being more present by enhancing those daily ritual moments, like reaching into your underwear drawer and using that time to check in with yourself to ask, 'how am I feeling' and 'how do I want to feel'," Julian added.

This lingerie collection not only empowers women but is also a pleasure to wear. Julian chose to stay away from using underwire. Unlike traditional styles, Videris bras move with you and accommodate the natural changes of breast size throughout the month. Hence, the underwire felt unnecessary.

The collection uses intuitive design and soft-cups to support a woman's natural fluctuation during her cycle, while providing optimal support and comfort.

The brand also ensures what sits closest to our skin is safe for both the wearer and the environment by exclusively using natural, durable materials and trims. It's lace-free lingerie for a reason because most lace fabrics are made from plastic, there’s also a hefty amount of toxic chemicals used in the production process.

Instead, each item is exclusively made from sustainable TENCEL, a breathable, natural fibre made using sustainability-sourced wood pulp.

TENCEL is more sustainable than cotton - even organic cotton - and it won’t lose its shape, colour or tactile softness even after repeated washing. It’s also super-soft to the touch making it extra luxurious against the body.

Videris Lingerie goes further to ensure environmental consciousness by being Oeko-tex 100 garment certified. This means every thread of fabric, trim or fastener they use has been tested to make sure it contains no harmful substances. No toxic dyes. No heavy metals.

The Videris team work exclusively with a factory in Sri Lanka that Julain personally visited and selected not only for their conscious manufacturing and high ethical standards of employee welfare but also for the support they offer to their local community. Initiatives include regular financial contributions to improve medical care in local hospitals.

In celebration of body positivity, Videris has a strict no touch-up rule in all photography. They also work with non-professional models to encourage a diverse and real vision of beauty.

Videris Lingerie launches with a capsule collection of two bras, three briefs in seven hand-selected colourways, along with a pyjama set in Olive.