Established by John Tudehope in 1988 and bought by his son-in-law Gethin Sladen in 2012, Terry Apparel is a family business based on a few simple family values: trust, care, quality and honesty.

Their tight team of six experienced staff is gearing up to launch a new thread by established German manufacturer Gütermann. The Mara is an exciting new innovation and is the first microfilament polyester-based core spun technology offered in New Zealand. The highly resistant thread is wrapped in a resilient microfilament, so there’s no need to fear fuzzy fibres. “It’s the future of the seam,” gushed Terry Apparel managing director, Gethin Sladen. The company plans to carry an enormous 400 colours so the New Zealand market has the same choice larger countries get.

Despite years of experience, Sladen still considers himself a rookie. “It forces me to adapt to all market changes with the open mind and agility of a newcomer,” he explained. One change he’s been dealing with is the decline in New Zealand manufacturing – but it’s not getting him down.

“You can understand why manufacturing in New Zealand has not been supported in recent years,” Sladen disclosed, referring to the combination of an increase in local manufacturing costs, a shortage in qualified staff, and more competitive shipping rates. The best way to combat this, he thought, was to support local trade – as individuals, as companies, and perhaps even at a governmental level. Companies can also partner with government agencies like New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to become more attractive to buyers.

“The quality of our services is non-negotiable,” insists Sladen, whose growth plan is focused around this idea. Terry Apparel has been supplying products to Australia and the Pacific Islands with continued growth every year, and plans to maintain this trend. More than that, they plan on expanding laterally. 400 colours of microfilament material is a good start.

For more information visit their new website www.terryapparel.co.nz.