New Zealand Fashion Week 2016 marks the first time Antoine Ogilvie has presented his brand AO in a catwalk scenario where he hopes to bridge the gap between his designs and potential new stockists. Since winning the overall prize for the 2015 YMCA Walk The Line show, he has taken his interest in fashion blogging and translated it into a growing streetwear brand which draws on elements of conservative luxe for the discerning customer.

He works in close collaboration with different influencers to promote his designs, with some of his most recent projects seeing the team travel to New York later in the year to work alongside bloggers, photographers and stylists to garner international attention.

“As a new-generation business, dead-centre in a market that is becoming increasingly socially conscious, it is critical that as AO grows, we continue to operate in a way that is conductive to the longevity of the environment, and diligent in ensuring offshore working conditions are of an ethical nature.”