Experimental patterning, dark undertones and humorous references form the backbone of Jarrad Godman’s design. Before starting his fashion design degree at AUT, he was lucky enough to get a job working for Auckland based fashion PR agency Ciel PR. It’s here that he formed long-standing relationships with industry professionals who in turn have become valuable connections in the development of his brand.

“I was lucky enough to have my graduation collection ordered almost straight from the runway by Children of Vision which is where my label had its start.”

He has also collaborated with established brands Servilles and Ryder, which has helped push the brand to the next level. This year he will work with Servilles again at New Zealand Fashion Week in a creative showcase designed to attract a wider audience while looking for potential new stockists both nationally and internationally.

The Shelter has taken a keen interest in his work, increasing its stock of the brand which Godman curates himself to ensure there is always something new on the racks, even between seasons. His designs are also available at ENA in Wellington, Company Store in Dunedin, and White Willow Fashion in Balclutha, a list that is sure to grow post-fashion week.