Australian Suits Get Parkour-Tested

Parkour specialist and professional free runner for Red Bull and Team Farang, Dominic Di Tommaso, has given M.J. Bale’s new ‘Flow – Made-to-Move’ suits the tick of approval. The 28-year-old Sydney-based athlete and actor, who will appear in the 2021 movie release of Twist starring Michael Caine and Raff Law, successfully completed a day of training wearing three M.J. Bale’s Flynn Flow suits (in navy, green and taupe). The suits are woven in Italy from 90 percent Merino wool, 9 percent linen and one percent sustainable elastane, an elastic-like fibre. While lightweight and breathable, the suiting cloth delivers flexibility, movement and range never seen before in suiting.

"I was completely surprised by the lack of resistance I felt moving, particularly with regards to the suit’s shoulder range," said Tommaso. "With my leg movements and taking off plyometrically, there was no resistance or point of stress at full motion. After training in them outdoors the other standout feature was the breathability of the material and how well-ventilated they were – during both warmer and colder temperatures. I never got too cold or sweaty, which is an issue I have with other suits, usually drenching them out."

Dominic Di Tommaso was a natural fit to test-run M.J. Bale’s Flow suits given how finding and staying in his flow state is a career requisite as a member of Team Farang.

"It’s about putting yourself in a completely clear, concentrated and focused state and achieving crazy things that normally your mind would block out and stop you from doing," explained Tommaso who has transversed the globe freerunning, from Cairo to Bruges and the Swiss Alps, with Red Bull.

M.J. Bale is an Australian-owned gentleman’s clothier that specialises in tailoring crafted from sustainable natural fibres, particularly, Australian Merino wool. The brand creates single-source Merino wool suits with its conservationist partner farm in Tasmania, Kingston, and recently announced plans to go 100 percent carbon neutral by December 2021.