Uniqlo’s Plan to Tackle Fashion’s Waste Problem

Japanese fashion retailer, Uniqlo, has recently announced plans to tackle fashion's waste problem by introducing its own garment collecting and recycling initiative.

Re.Uniqlo - Uniqlo's new circular sustainability program that collects old Uniqlo clothing from customers and recycles them to make new raw materials for new season pieces.

This initiative aims to reduce waste - a serious problem in the fashion industry, as well as carbon-dioxide emissions and resource consumption due to the extension of a product's lifecycle.

The first piece in Re.Uniqlo scheme is the Down Recycling Project which converts collected Uniqlo clothes into new Uniqlo items - either making them a part of new products or using them for their 100 percent recycled down jackets.

The Down Recycling Project has produced recycled down jackets which use down feathers from 620,000 jackets collected from customers around Japan.