Brothers Ray and Shay Narsey have teamed up to develop their apparel business, Direct Sewing Machines and Supplies. Direct Sewing is an affordable machinery supplier to the apparel industry as well as stockists of the largest range of sewing accessories. After starting to sell machines and accessories on popular e-commerce website TradeMe, it quickly became apparent that there was a gap in the market for trustworthy sewing supplies online. In the first couple of years the company grew so rapidly that Ray needed to get his brother Shay involved and the business quickly became Top Sellers on TradeMe. Being an official TradeMe store is now just part of the business mix with the pair hiring industry professionals to create a user friendly website to reach a wider audience, popular with fashion students. The brothers have also created an online Facebook community in which people can share sewing tips and ideas, like an online ‘sewing club’. Now even those who have been sewing over 25 years say they are learning new things from this community group.

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