Circular Economy, the future of Portuguese Footwear

Sustainable business operations are becoming more important to fashion companies. Population growth has led to an increase in demand and consequent pressure on resources, a pressure which continues to grow over time. To combat this pressure and ensure sustainable business practices for the future of their branding, it seems that adopting a Circular Economy business model is the most effective method.

Circular Economy is a strategic business concept which revolves around the reduction, reuse and recycling of materials and energy. It opposes the more traditional, but outdated, linear business model which revolves instead upon extracting, transforming, consuming and disposing of these elements.

Conservation decrease of emissions and efficiency are focus points for businesses employing a Circular Economy. While the process will have long-term benefits for both the environment and businesses, its initial establishment will require both technical and economic consistency, it is a large change to the structure and processes of the implementing companies.

Portuguese Footwear companies are leading the way with this new business model, with the Footwear Technology Centre of Portugal providing training and support for businesses embracing their highly promoted new business model.