Emma Boyd was scouted at the young age of 15 when one of her mother's friends encouraged her to reach out to an agency. Just three short years later, she is signed with modeling agencies all over the globe including; Priscilla's Model Management in Sydney, Bravo Tokyo, Why Not Model Management in Milan and her mother agency Clyne Models in Auckland. This is the first year Boyd is not attending school or university, so she can give modeling a real shot and travel freely for overseas work.

In May, Boyd walked for a couple of shows in Sydney for MBFW and says her favourite was Oscar De La Renta. The same show is now in Boyd's top list of achievements. "It was the most beautiful show I've done and I can't explain the rush I got pre and post show," explained Boyd. In the short time that she has been working, Boyd has modeled for a vast range of brands and publications with Black magazine, Fashion Quarterly, Remix and Marie Claire already under her belt. She believes the best part of modeling is learning to look after your body. "It's sort of your job to look the best you can, I'm notorious to treating myself to facials," says Boyd.

Originally she was drawn to the glamorous lifestyle of a model, but now says she was very wrong about that. Her key advice for any new faces wanting to get into the modeling industry is to always be yourself and show your personality, no matter what. "That goes a long way as a model," she said.

Candice Swanepol is one of the models that inspires Boyd, she loves how Swanepol pushes the boundaries with her curves and body type. Anja Rubik is also on Boyd's watch list, "she just seems like a cool chick, not to mention her style," she said.

Although she admits she never really had a dream job in mind, Boyd is very excited to see where modeling takes her. The eighteen year old's ultimate goal is to be working in New York and land a big campaign.

In many ways the fashion industry is obviously a lot larger overseas, but Boyd believes that New Zealand does amazingly well considering just how small we are. "Everyone you meet in this industry is unique. We have some very talented creatives, I'm always so proud to introduce myself as a kiwi," said Boyd.