Modelling for little over a month now, Sabrina Brunton has already worked with one of New Zealand's top photographers David Shields which has been the highlight of her modelling experience so far. "It had always been a dream of mine to be part of the fashion industry as a model just to see what happens behind the scenes and what life's like," explained Brunton.

In her short time being a model, the 17 year old has landed the latest Tanya Carlson lookbook. Brunton was drawn into the modelling industry seeking new opportunities and to get first hand experience in the fashion industry. One of Brunton's goals is to walk for Fendi or Calvin Klein. "I hope to go further in modelling and to travel the world discovering new cultures and meet new people," she said. After school, she found she wanted to be in the fashion industry in either design or photography and found modelling was icing on the cake.